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Our Trusses are the difference.

We use only the highest grade square tube steel trusses, wind rated for up to 150 mph

Our installers provide the highest quality craftsmanship you can find!


ARMOUR BARNS is your one stop shop for all of your pole barn needs. We install the highest grade square tube steel trusses and #1 grade flawless roof metal on the market! Our installers provide the highest quality craftsmanship you can find! We also sell the buildings as "do it yourself" kits for those customers who want a weekend project! We sell every piece of the kits separately, so whether you need trusses, sheet metal or just screws, come see us! Come in today for a FREE building quote and let us satisfy your building needs! Whether you have a big or small order, we would like to earn your business. It does not matter if you are buying one square foot or a thousand, we treat each customer with equal time and respect.


We install the highest grade square tube steel trusses with wind ratings up to 170 MPH and #1 grade flawless roof metal.


All of our products carry manufacturers warranties, are backed by an engineer's stamp and are of the highest quality available!

Custom Builds

From conception to completion, we will work with you to ensure your project is the best it can be.


We are a family owned and operated, local business with years of experience.


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Disclaimer: Estimates are not official until reviewed by Armour Barns. Prices are subject to change due to material price fluctuations.

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*Note: For heights over 18 feet, please call us for an estimate.

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Roll-Up Doors and Large Openings

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Entry Doors and Windows

*Note: All entry doors are commercial grade steel frame doors.

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Installation is available within a 175 mile radius (approximately) of our manufacturing center (Statesboro, GA). Even if your location is outside of our radius, you can still request an estimate to get an idea of a typical installation cost.
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You can choose to have your pole barn built on a concrete slab. The estimate will include the entire square footage of the barn plus lean-tos.

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Disclaimer: Estimates are not official until reviewed by Armour Barns. · Prices are subject to change due to material price fluctuations. · Please check local building codes before purchasing. Kit prices do not include stamped engineered drawings but are available for an additional charge. We do have truss drawings that should satisfy the needs of most building inspectors. Due to fluctuating market and unpredictable availability, lumber/materials prices are subject to change without notice which may result in an increased final cost at time of delivery of materials.


*Tax, installation, and freight are not included

Type: Standard -

Center: 10 feet

Size: 20'(W) x 8'(L) x 10'(H)

Lean To: None

Lean To Type: Open

Lean To Size: 8'(W) x 8'(L)

Lean To Style: Monitor

Roll-Up Doors: 0


Select a Building Type

Build Type

The "Standard" Open Barn kit includes gable trim, fascia and drip edges. These items give the roof line and gable edges a more polished look, and help protect the roof edge from water.
Options Standard Kit Economy Kit
Gable Trim
Drip Edge Gable
Standard Kit w/ gable trim, fascia and drip edges
Economy Kit w/ no gable trim, fascia and drip edges

Include Lumber

Our estimates include all lumber required for barn construction. If you would like buy and use your own lumber, you can deselect this option. A complete parts list can be provided to ensure that you know the type and quantity of lumber required for your build.


Choosing a Center

The "center" spacing determines how far apart your posts are set from each other on the sidewall. If the barn is to be built in area that typically receives snow, we highly recommend 10' foot center. A 12' foot center is desirable when you need to have wider openings or roll-up doors on the side of the structure. This is usefull for structures that may be used for horse stables, or a car garage with side entry. If you are unsure which one to pick, we recomend the 10' center.


Gable Tops and Ends

Open barn with no gable top or end Open Barn with no Gable End

Open barn with two gable tops Open Barn with Gable End

Open barn with one gable top and one gable end Open Barn with Gable Top and End


Roof Overhang

Barn With Roof No Overhang

Enclosed Barn with no Roof Overhang

Barn With Roof Overhang

Enclosed Barn Barn with Roof Overhangs


Add a Side Wall

Open barn with one gable ends and two side walls.

Open barn with one side wall and two gable ends. Open barn with two gable ends and one side wall


Closure Package

The closure package seals the building off making it more airtight. This can be particularly useful if you are planning on adding an HVAC system to an enclosed barn.


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